Being fashionable, yet charitable has never been so easy. Vida Vibe is going to sponsor as many children from all around the world as we can. 

There are so many children from all around the world in living in poverty. It is really difficult to understand and imagine the unfortunate living conditions in third world countries, especially if you have not seen it yourself. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. It's heartbreaking to see the amount of children that are in desperate need of help and this is the start of Vida Vibe making a difference. 

Vida Vibe is on a mission to sponsor as many children as we possibly can and we need your help. Each item sold will go towards sponsoring a child until adulthood. With every child we sponsor, our support will provide nutritious food, education, healthcare and mentoring. We want to communicate with our customers and share our journey.

Vida Vibe has partnered up with an organization called Compassion InternationalFor every 2,500 items sold, Vida Vibe will sponsor a child for 12 years! Our objective is to sponsor a child from the age of 6 (when they are able to start school) to 18 years old (independence).

Vida Vibe, as a whole, want to develop a relationship with the all of our kids. Our brand ambassadors are so excited to know that we can write and keep in touch with the children that we sponsor regularly. Vida Vibe will guide these children to help them realize that they are capable of growing up to becoming the best person they dreamed to be, by teaching them the simple act of kindness and the power of confidence. We are so excited for the launch of Vida Vibe.

We believe that we should leave the world a better place than we found it and you should too. The feeling and inspiration that the children will get when they realize that someone from the other side of the world cares about them and wants to be their forever friend, is not only incredible to them, but it is such an amazing feeling for us too. Vida Vibe is making a difference day by day and we are thrilled to share our journey with everyone. 

Vida Vibe wants our clothes to remind you that, when we do good for others, it inspires other people to do good for others ( spreading good vibes 😉). We also want our trendy clothing to remind you to be confident, because one: You look amazing and two: Confidence is everything. 

Every order also includes a gift: A Pen.

 We wanted to add a reminder to go. Each pen says "Life's a Vibe"

This means, you do good, you get good (good vibrations). Always be kind to everyone and don't EVER leave your confidence behind!